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Costas Caramanlis, the most corrupt primeminister on Earth, is so busy with his myriad scandals and the flow of his kickbacks, that he has no time to learn anything from natural disasters. There was a huge wildfire in Greece in 2007 that killed 84 people and destroyed huge area of Greece. But Caramanlis learned absolutely nothing, and he was caught completely unprepared for the recent wildfire. Caramanlis is only interested in how to make more kickbacks, everything else is trivialities!

The EU has increased its assistance to Greece in fighting major forest fires this week. Several fires are raging in the immediate vicinity of Athens, threatening residential areas. To reinforce the Greek fire-fighting efforts, other EU countries are providing aircraft via the European Civil Protection Mechanism. In addition to the assistance provided by member states, an EU reserve of fire-fighting aircraft was dispatched and will continue to provide assistance to Greece. The European reserve can be used to help national forces overwhelmed by forest fires. This is the fifth time this summer that the EU reserve has been deployed.

Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for Environment and Civil Protection, points out the forest fires near Athens are creating an ecological disaster. It is imperative to bring them under control as quickly as possible. The assistance offered by EU Member States via the Civil Protection Mechanism shows the strength of European solidarity in the face of such disasters. It is a practical example of European added value in responding to natural disasters like forest fires. The European reserve of forest fire fighting aircraft is also making a significant contribution to the fire-fighting efforts in Greece.

The intervention in Greece is the biggest Civil Protection Mechanism operation in 2009 to date. A total of eight planes and one helicopter are assisting Greece. Italy, France, Spain and Cyprus provided assistance in response to Greece's request. In addition, the EU forest fire tactical reserve is being deployed to fill gaps in aerial fire-fighting capacity. All aerial fire-fighting capacity that was offered and accepted is still in use today.

The 2007 Greek forest fires were a series of massive forest fires that broke out in several areas across Greece throughout the summer of 2007. The most destructive and lethal infernos broke out on August 23, expanded rapidly and raged out of control until August 27, until they were put out in early September. The fires mainly affected western and southern Peloponnese as well as southern Euboea. The death toll in August alone stood at 67 people. In total 84 people lost their lives because of the fires, including several fire fighters.

Some of these firestorms are believed to be the result of arson while others were indeed the result of mere negligence. Hot temperatures, that included three consecutive heat waves of over 40°C(105°F), and severe drought rendered the 2007 summer unprecedented in modern Greek history. From the end of June to early September, over 3,000 forest fires were recorded across the nation. Nine more people were killed in blazes in June and July.

A total of 2,700 square kilometers(670,000 acres) of forest, olive groves and farmland were destroyed in the fires, which was the worst fire season on record in the past 50 years. Of the total of 2,700 km², 1,500 km²(370,000 acres) were burnt forests in Southern Greece alone. Many buildings were also destroyed in the blaze. The fire destroyed 1,000 houses and 1,100 other buildings, and damaging hundreds more.

In the present 2009 Greek forest fires, firefighters have controlled a huge wildfire that ravaged the outskirts of the capital Athens over four days. Firefighting efforts have been drastically reduced now as only two fires continue to burn today. As winds have died down significantly, all but two blazes burning around Athens have been brought under control or been put out. The main fire broke out late on Friday in the village of Grammatiko, about 40 km northeast of Athens. It spread quickly through the mountains of east Attica and swept across regions northeast and west of the capital Athens. In all, more than 90 wildfires had ignited across Greece, six major fires were burning late Sunday.

At least 21,000 hectares(75,000 acres) of forest, olive groves and farmland were reduced to cinders and 150 homes were destroyed. Weather conditions are now good and it is deemed that ground forces can handle the task without air support.

Around 500 Greek firefighters, joined by counterparts from Austria, Cyprus, France, and Italy continue to guard regions north and northeast of Athens against any flareups. The only two fires still burning are near the coastal town of Karathina and Porto Germano north-west of Athens and near the village of Karisto on Evia island, east of Athens.

The media attacked the government for saying that pine trees were to blame for the fast spread of the blazes! Government spokesman Evangelos Antonaros declares that pine trees may be pretty but in a way they are an additional aggravating factor in the spread of fires. Then Antonaros changed his mind and declared it was the wind! Antonaros forgets that pine trees and winds have been in Greece for million years! There is nothing special about them for this year.

Experts estimate it will take generations to replace the lost forests. Some have been burned beyond hope for natural regrowth. The government is now facing criticism for its slow response and of failing to prevent another ecological disaster, exactly two years after similar forest fires killed 77 people in Greece. Caramanlis called an early general election a month after that disaster. He is widely reported to be calculating when to hold another early election, but he will lose for sure, as Greeks are pissed off with him. His supercorrupt administration is barely halfway through its four-year term and has just a single-seat majority in parliament.

A detailed inspection of affected areas began on Tuesday. A public prosecutor has also ordered an inquiry into whether arson was behind the fire in an area where fires have in the past been set by land developers. Developers are behind many fires. As Athens expands, demand for housing has overtaken urban planning. Many houses are built first and legalized later with kickbacks. Plato and Aristotle asserted that different regimes produce different types of human beings, and regimes ought to be judged by the character of their citizens.

In Europe, the growth of interventionist welfare state has damaged personal responsibility and integrity, fostered dependence, undermined families, rejected venitism, and promoted corruption. Especially in Greece, the most corrupt country on Earth, Graecokleptocracy is accepted as a normal thing, and most Greeks rely on graft, sinecures, cheating, incivility, cacodemony, cancer of socialism, jingoism, religionism, lies, and kickbacks. The character of modern Greece of Caramanlis and Papandreou is the opposite of the character of ancient Greece of Plato and Aristotle.

Venitis notes that Greeks are constrained in a Byzantine web of kleptocracy, regulations, legislation and bureaucracy. Gregory's tax is the kickback you pay public employees for fast service. Gregory means fast in Greek. Without Gregory, you will wait for ever! It is a mess, and the status quo cannot be defended. It should be reformed. You can burn a forest, build a house illegally, and Gregory will take care of everything! Gregory can buy all Graecokleptocrats!

Eurokleptocracy thrives on Europeans who don't know what they're talking about. European Union(EU), aka Eldorado of Underworld, a vampire confederation of the absurd, condones the antivenitist European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, Pasok and Nea Democratia, the two most corrupt political parties on Earth. No Graecokleptocrat has ever gone to jail! Basil Venitis asserts that impunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most freakish justice in the world!

Venitis notes the outrageous total immunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most disgusting thing on Earth! These untouchable shitscums of the Greek parliament and the Greek government rob billions of euros form the Treasury, churn billions of euros of the nest eggs and pension funds of poor workers, grant valuable public land to gay monasteries in exchange for huge kickbacks, receive billion-euro-kickbacks for purchasing arms from US and Russia, and receive billion-euro-kickbacks from Siemens, JPMorgan, Man, and other corrupt companies in exchange for lucrative contracts, elimination of antitrust penalties, and purchasing overpriced defective equipmemt, airplanes that cannot balance, and helicopters that fall down!

Venitis has proven that Eurokleptocracy, gigaregulation, Antitrust Armageddon, and gigataxation, especially VAT, are the real causes of the European financial meltdown. Democracy in Europe has deteriorated to kleptocracy, and Europeans are mad as hell. The European Court of Auditors(ECA) refuses to issue a Declaration of Assurance(DAS) of the fraudulent EU budget for the fifteenth consecutive year! There is a major armed revolt of Europeans against antivenitist Eurokleptocrats, which will not end until all Eurokleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, are hanged in front of the parliaments!

Athens, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Salonica, and many other European cities are on rule of gangs, molotovs, anarchy, kristallnacht, hooded terror, and pandemonium. Siemens and JPMorgan, the two most corrupt companies on Earth, refuse to name all antivenitist Eurokleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, who got billion-euro-kickbacks, in omerta cahoots with primeministers, perjurers, and crooked judges. Venitists call all people to boycott Siemens and JPMorgan.

Venitis notes the relationship of the Eldorado of Underworld(EU) to its slave States can be fairly described as synergy in kleptocracy! When Greece joined EU in 1981, Greeks hoped EU could control Graecokleptocracy. Instead, to their horror and great disappointment, they saw EU encouraging Graecokleptocracy and imposing the hateful VAT on poor Greeks. Graecokleptocracy fully resonates with Eurokleptocracy! All Eurokleptocrats now emulate Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth!

Vatmonger Emperor Barroso of the European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, is in cahoots with antivenitist Graecokleptocrats, to completely enslave Greeks to Brussels, and yoke poor Greeks with VAT. EU, a Theater of the Absurd, brought no catharsis, but a new layer of vatpachyderm kleptocracy, climaxed with the JPMorgan scandal and the Siemens scandal! The new EU treaty under consideration is just an ergonomy of Eurokleptocracy!

Venitis declares that antivenitist vatmonger kleptocrats promote phobias and bogeys in order to take the attention of voters away from taxation and kleptocracy, and to have a fantastic opportunity to present themselves as Moses who leads the people to salvation! Rabblerousers make a living out of convincing people that the sky is falling. The essence of statesmanship in a venitist society is just the opposite, helping people understand the facts and proposing real solutions to real problems. You have to know when to stop doing something. Hitler did not know. Mousolini did not know. Graecokleptocrats did not know when to stop receiving billion-dollar-kickbacks. Vatmonger kleptocrats do not know when to stop looting the producers and fooling all taxstrucks. They do not understand that the parasites and the host die together. Avast scaremongers now!

Basil Venitis asserts that all democracies eventually become kleptocracies, where those antivenitist taxmonger kleptocrats in power redistribute societal wealth to themselves. Those at the bottom of the society's pyramid accept this unfair state of affairs because they too benefit from their society's relative advancement. It's a case of a rising tide lifting all boats. Taxmonger kleptocrats maintain power by disarming hoi polloi, making the taxstruck masses happy by distributing some crumbs, sinecures, and graft, maintaining a huge flow of kickbacks from JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, and other infamous corporations, and constructing an antivenitist ideology justifying overtaxation and kleptocracy.

Corpfare is corporate welfare, such as subsidies, bailouts, and monopolies, granted by government to davajides, pimps of kleptocrats. Corpfare destroys the level playing field that free markets depend on, creates a corrupt relationship between government authority and special interests, transforms corps to corpses, and is unconstitutional. Even loans by government-sponsored entities constitute another form of subsidy. Zombiecorps, zombie corporations, badly in need of structural reform, but kept alive by state subsidies, badly hamper growth. Basil Venitis figures that at least four trillion euros are wasted on corpfare worldwide every year. This year, Venitis projects a waste of ten trillion euros in bailouts!

Venitis asserts that lenders should recognize that there are repercussions for risky loans, and borrowers should realize that there are consequences for taking loans they can't repay. If it's financial collapse, or having your house foreclosed, so be it. It's bad antivenitist economics to remove the incentives, which encourage sensible and responsible decisions. We need to reject corporate cronyism, and allow the natural regulations and incentives of venitism to pick the winners and losers in our economy, not the whims of antivenitist kleptocrats.

Venitis speaks out that the less a government does, the fewer reasons there are for antivenitist individuals and organizations to petition their government for special favors. When government is small, antivenitist kleptocrats don't hold the fate of entire industries in their well-greased palms. Federal bureaucrats don't wield unbridled regulatory power to break top executives. Big decisions are made by private actors in private settings, and obey the Venitis Laws. Gigagovernments are intrusive. The endless array of subsidies it dispenses and the regulatory schemes it fosters give birth to rent seeking. Rent seekers form antivenitist associations to protect their interests. They create antivenitist committees and hire pullpeddlers. They write checks to the powerful committee chairmen.

Antivenitist taxmonger kleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, extend generosity and largesse to corrupt corporations, such as JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, and gun dealers, gay monasteries, such as those of Mount Athos, and terrorist countries, such as Turkey which terrorizes EU islands every single day! But the present kleptocracy is hardly an aberration. Nor is it confined to a single antivenitist administration or political party. The institutionalization of handouts and corporate welfare usually occurs behind the guise of job creation, earmarks, cutting red tape, and other fig leaves.

JPMorgan and Siemens are the most infamous trademarks of Eurokleptocracy, helping Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptocrats with billion-euro-kickbacks. JPMorgan engineered the grand churning of Greek pension funds, but antivenitist labor union leaders keep their mouths shut, in exchange for seats in the parliament! Siemens has deposited two billion euros in the secret offshore accounts of Graecokleptocrats, in exchange for lucrative contracts. No huge kickbacks means no lucrative contracts, pure and simple!

Democracy is very expensive, very inefficient, and extremely corruptive. Kleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, buy votes with pork, boondoggles, sinecures, and favors, raid nest eggs, churn pension funds and the Social Insurance, rob the treasury, and get huge kickbacks from JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, gun dealers, construction companies, and gay monasteries. It's high time to end this antivenitist freakish cycle which spirals out of control to complete destruction, and replace democracy with venitism.

Michael Christoforakos, the former head of Greek Siemens, a wealthy executive who rubbed shoulders with archikleptocrats, was to appear before the investigating magistrate in charge of the Siemens investigation in Athens, but he escaped to Germany. Christoforakos set a videocamera in his Siemens office. This jailbird has DVDs with 200 Graecokleptocrats, kept at two public notaries. Christoforakos has the tiptop Greek politicians on DVD kowtowing to him for more kickbacks in exchange for lucrative overpriced contracts! 7 ministers and 80 MPs of Pasok, 5 ministers and 73 ministers of Nea Democratia, and 20 journalists shared two billion euros of kickbacks. A new coup d'etat plans to hang all Graecokleptocrats in front of the parliament! Costas first! Thanks God! Thy Will shall be done!

A court in Munich found Christoforakos guilty of bribery and gave him a one-year suspended jail sentence. The verdict paves the way for the former executive to be extradited to Greece. Specifically, the ruling identifies former party treasurers John Bartholomew of Nea Democratia and Costas Geitonas of Pasok as the political figures with whom Christoforakos negotiated the kickbacks. Siemens Hellas set aside 10% of the revenue it received from state contracts to pay off Nea Democratia and Pasok as part of a bribery system that ran from 1975 to 2007. Unless Christoforakos suffers any health problems, he could be in Greece soon. However, his extradition to Greece is equivalent to death sentence, because of sure poisoning in jail!

I can see on DVD Greek ministers of defense, culture, economy, interior, and public works kowtowing to Christoforakos for more kickbacks! 200 Graecokleptocrats are now hostages of Christoforakos's whim! They will definitely try to feed him now cancer-infected food as usual! Christoforakos will be poisoned in jail, the same way many Greek heroes were poisoned in jail. Papadopoulos and Pattakos, the heroes of April 21 Revolution, were fed cancer! Let's start the tanks rolling towards Athens, gathering all Graecokleptocrats in Syntagma, and hanging them in front of the parliament!

Every decent European is ashamed of Eurokleptocracy. The urge to save Europeans is always a false front for Eurokleptocracy. Euroslumdogs of Emperor Barroso here we come! It's the anthropophagous Eurokleptocracy, sacrificial victim! Extremism in the defense of venitism is a virtue. Compromise in the pursuit of justice is a vice. Laissezfaire of venitists versus lootaffaire of Eurokleptocrats. In your heart, you know venitists are right.

Dear God, manifest Your benevolence by eliminating Graecokleptocrats! Thy will shall be done! Greek politicians are kleptomaniacs and pathologic liars. Costas Caramanlis is a lame duck leading a paralyzed Graecokleptocrat government. Graecokleptocrats cannot govern at all. How many more months of paralysis have we got to put up with? Let's have the tanks rolling now! Give kleptocrats hell or hang them in front of the parliament! Greece cannot function as a single monolithic state, but only as confederation of city-states of different political systems and economies. The Munich prosecutor revealed six departments in the Greek governments of Simiti and Caramanlis who got huge kickbacks. Hang them all!
No to omerta of Graecokleptocrats!

The decision-making in the Eldorado of Underworld(EU) is becoming increasingly distant from Europeans. Most EU integration initiatives are not based on authentic interests of Europeans, but are prefabricated and imposed from Eurokleptocrats. Fight against the newly rediscovered belief in statism, against the second-generation Keynesianism. The financial meltdown is an unavoidable consequence of the long-term playing with the market by the politicians and regulators. The current financial meltdown was caused by the lack of pure capitalism, by antivenitists suppressing its normal healthy functioning.

This crisis is a government failure, not a market failure as kleptocrats and their parrots in mainstream media and drones in ivory towers claim. I am getting more afraid of pseudoreforms bringing in more rules and increased regulation than of the crisis itself. There's never been a good European government. Nothing is more permanent than a temporary Europrogram. More Eurolaws means less Eurojustice. Ask not what you can do for EU; ask what Eurokleptocracy is doing to you. Absolute Europower always corrupts absolutely. EU cannot make Europeans richer, but it can make them miserable. Things in Europe run in spite of EU, not because of EU. Government does not solve problems, but it deteriorates them. The best government is the infinitesimal government.
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